Friday, September 25, 2009

Return of Fly! Cronenberg reboots himself!

Aint It Cool is reporting that Cronenberg is working on a remake (or the dread reboot) of his own 1986 remake of The Fly as both director and writer! Really don't know what to make of this - good idea? Bad idea? Brilliant? Bonkers? More to follow but here is the link to the original post.


Hedyz said...

I don't care if it's a remake. Whatever DC does is brilliant.

Aylmer said...

Hi, love your Cronen-blog! Wanted to be in touch but couldn't find an email address, so I hope you see this. Easily the best Cronenberg site around that I can find. I've got a pretty new SF/horror blog myself with a fairly strong focus on Cronenberg (he's my favourite director) and Cronenbergian body horror in general. I've linked to you on my blog. Please take a look and, if you like it feel free to link to mine:


keep up the great work here, don't let it go!!!