Thursday, May 31, 2007


Two clips have appeared on YouTube:

Ten second snippet:


"Dark Eyes" Olegar Fedoro:


Plus snippet included in this package in better quality:


From the Drain

Videodrome "ambient exploration"

On a similar note Kill Ugly Radio has created "an ambient exploration of David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, utilizing Howard Shore’s brooding, minimal score and many sounds and dialog from the movie itself." Yep but not as bad as you might think. Good way to re-experience the film on the old ipod. Beware - big file!

Rabid Soundtrack

Oto scores again with this smart 28 minute suite from Rabid replete with dialogue and rabid howlings. Also posted is the original library album from which at least one track was drawn - "Vulcain". Ivan Reitman, Cronenberg's then producer/music director (pre-Shore) assembled the music from a variety of music library sources and it's pleasing that sites such as Oto's are dedicated to making this music available again.