Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Return of the Annual Blog Post!

What is twelve months between friends? The Cronendrome returns as A Dangerous Method finally gets a release date. We bring you a one-sheet and the news it will have a gala screening at the New York Film Festival. Looks like its release is timed to coincide with Oscar season where a costume drama is more likely to get a nod. Epiphets being bandied are "intelligent, thought-provoking and discomforting" however the UK have to wait till Feb 2012 to see if the the five year gap since Eastern Promises has been worth the wait. Since completing A Dangerous Method, Cronenberg has been hard at work bringing DeLillo's Cosmopolis to the screen. With principal photography complete cast member Paul Giamatti has described it as "strange science-fictiony, slightly horrific" and that it reminds him of his "early stuff". Of the two projects this feels more akin to the existentialism of Videodrome, Crash and Dead Ringers and the hope is that we don't have to wait too long for this film to be released. No novel but potentially two films released next year? Can't be bad. To find out more of Cosmopolis visit the official site or this unofficial site which as been meticulously exploring and following the production of the film on the streets of Toronto.